Stills, Moves and Nudes

   Note. Some of the groups below are meant as a serie but some are a mere collection of similar images. You may well be watching work in progress.



   Stills 1  Quiet




   Stills 2  Dead beauties



   Stills 3  De Hef

"De Hef" is a very old monumental iron Railway bridge in Rotterdam. It was standing idle, rusting away and forbidden territory. But one day I noticed somebody had left the gate in the iron fence open and I decided to try my photographic luck, given the state of the bridge not quit without risk. Reviewing the results of two visits I found the stills of the iron details the most attractive and telling. A view days later the gate was locked again. Recently the bridge was renovated.




Moves is a project were I wanted to step away from reality by partly moving the camera and partly holding the camera stable during long exposure times (several seconds). Here you see some nature photography results. Portraits, cityscapes and landscapes also deliver interesting images sometimes.


   Moved 1




   Moved 2



   Moved 3





   1  Fruity nudes    



   2 Fingernudes