Who's Wybe Hietbrink and what is Eyeball Art all about?

I'm a Dutch photographer based in Rotterdam who, after working long hours for quite some years, decided it was time for a change.
Well it did not happen all that sudden; I had thought about making that move long ago and drew up a cunning plan to make it happen. When the target date came near, I joined the Dutch Photo Academy. Finally, the moment was there; I quit my job and became photographer.

What do you mean 'became photographer'? I mean from now on I was free to focus on creating images and find new ways of expressing myself, and free to look at the world around me in a way I wasn't used to.

Images are about communication I believe. That means I'm interested in showing my work to others and exchange ideas about the work and things the images may refer to. I'm always on the lookout for soulmates that find pleasure in looking at my pictures, people that are touched or inspired by what I captured in an image. At the same time I want to do 'my own thing'. I noticed it's quite easy to lose myself in trying to satisfy the world of experts, but it takes the pleasure away (and probably also my creativity and truthfulness).

Eyeball Art is the name under which I show my uncommissioned work. Other activities may be under the name of Framed by Camera (framedbycamera.nl).